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__//Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'll never be good enough for you, will I?

glad to know how replaceable I am

I'm glad it's easy for you

cause no matter what I do

It's just never fucking good enough

so fuck it

FUCK! Jesus Fucken Christ! what ever, I'm sick of yo yo mother fucken games


__//Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I am not doing homework today

I will not do homework today

I refuse

I also hate squirrls

they chewed through the tops of our new barbage cans! WTF!!

i need to update the pics on my mirror

I think I shall do that now


__//Tuesday, November 28, 2006

This isn't going to be easy

change is shifting in the one thing thta I had managed to keep stable and strong this past four years

I think we can take it on.
I think we can withstand this shift

Oh god I hope so

The foundation is being resurfaced

I pray things go well.

It's on the line.

Perhaps by new years, the slates will be whiped clean, the masks removed, and the soul exposed

God damn it four years appart yet so together, I think we've earned that level of honesty.

It isnt conflict I worry about

It's division. Lack of comfort and the geological seperation we will endure 17 months from now.

I don't want to face it all.

I pray one day at a time.

Becuase I know

This isn't going to be easy

__//Monday, November 27, 2006

Sooo my next goal

survive untill christmas break. If I live untill then, then YAY

its gunna be a hard push I know that

There's a lot to do, and not much time do it, school wise.

fucking classes...

Dec 22nd. D day

till then, the countdown begins

Lets hope Chrissy doesnt Die


I hate trig, well, not trig, just Algebra, and when Algebra is WITH Trig... eww


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